(002a-Valentine’s Day) 05-17-2013

I’m so sorry! I think credit should be given where credit is due, and it is canon that hinamori is a kido master. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Shinji does get rid of her in the manga though. Thank you for update and I’m sorry for putting two reviews. Please forgive me!

Hinamori Momo being a kido master in canon is a misconception I’ve seen crop up a lot among Bleach fans. Part of this misconception comes from this particular quote on her wiki page.

Captain Hitsugaya and Izuru have stated Momo is a Kidō master.

Despite this the wiki lists her as a kido expert, their stance being this.

This has already been brought up and determined to be inaccurate in comparison with the likes of Urahara, Yamamoto or even a captain, there is no lieutenant level or lower who can be considered a master. While Momo is very talented at Kido she has not shown herself any masterful skill thus why she is called only an expert until proven otherwise.–Salubri

Some people are thinking, “but Toshiro and Izuru have both said that Momo is a kido master. The wiki says so.” Context is important and unfortunately this particular statement has no references so we can’t read the lines where Toshiro and Izuru make this claim.

What I personally remember Toshiro saying though wasn’t that Momo was a kido master, but that she was a master at using her kido. That’s not the same as saying she is a kido master as it instead indicates that Momo is able to master the kido she chooses to learn. Even if he did mean to say that Momo is a kido master the comment needs to be taken with a grain of salt as Momo is Toshiro’s older foster sister. In similarity Izuru went through the academy with Momo and also has a one sided crush on her. There is the fact though that Tite Kubo himself says this about Momo. Is it proof?

The Lieutenant is an expert user of Kidō. She can look awe-inspiring sometimes. Her expression looks good this way too.

Is it proof that she is a kido master? Nope. It’s not even proof that she is an kido expert. If she was a kido expert then the quote would have looked like this.

The Lieutenant is a Kidō expert. She can look awe-inspiring sometimes. Her expression looks good this way too.

Instead Tite Kubo says what I recollect Toshiro himself saying, that Momo is good at the kido that she has learned. Some people are going to say, “but the wiki calls her an expert”. It also calls Momo a sword expert despite the fact Momo says that sword fighting is her weakness. Compare Momo to the other fukutaicho including Rukia who became a fukutaicho after the war we see that all of the other fukutaicho are better at kido then her except for Renji and Omaeda, both of which point out that kido is their weak point. These two have other skills though, Renji being strong in sword fighting and Omaeda being strong in stealth. Both are able to stand their ground and last for long periods of time in a fight while the one time we’ve seen Momo fight she was knocked out of play very soon after she entered the battle field.

Didn’t Momo put together  two kido spells though? Yes, but canon makes it clear that “niju eisho” is not an ability unique to Momo. Rukia and Byakuya both use this technique. The spells she’s preformed are lower then the other fukutaicho and unlike the other fukutaicho she spent a lot of energy to perform the spells. She admits that she has to also use her kido to do sneak attacks. We don’t know her true kido ability. Some may say that her skill was lowered by what occurred previously in canon, but then there comes the fact if she was still recuperating she shouldn’t have been on the battle field and yet she made the decision to go.

By going to the battle field she ends up helping rather then hindering. Yes, I know that some people think that Momo ended up rescuing Rangiku but what ended up really happening is that Momo ended up interrupting Rangiku’s plan and chances are Rangiku had things under control. Things escalated from there and Momo caused four fukutaicho including herself to be taken out of battle and forced the head general Yamamotto to step in.

Am I saying that Momo isn’t fukutaicho material? No. I’m saying that there is nothing so far in canon that proves that she is fukutaicho material. Even if she were to suddenly prove that she is fukutaicho material there has been a time skip in the series meaning that she could have had the needed character development. The main point though is writing Momo as if she is not fukutaicho material is not out of canon, particularly since Aizen makes it clear that she was picked because she was easy to manipulate and she has the character flaws she does.

I choose to write Momo as not deserving of her fukutaicho position because she as a character has not proven herself in canon and because this also means I can work with her character using character development so that she develops into a character who deserves said position. That said it also isn’t easy with Momo’s particular personality either.


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