(010-Light) Aizen's Reality ~ 05/16/2012

I have to critique the characterization.

While Hitsugaya has the body of a child, his mind is more advanced than many of the adults around him. He is not that naive, self-conscious, or really any of that stuff. He’s an over-100 year old, genius, and Captain, who has killed. He’s not an innocent little kid. It’s like you made him into the character you want him to be.

Well, basically all the action Uryuu did was push up his glasses! xD Once or twice would’ve been cool but he did it everytime he talked. Was funny though. xD But he definitely would’ve never said that about Orihime being a burden. He was with her during the SS invasion, and knows she’s been training to get stronger.

Ichigo. He’s pretty much as bad as Toshiro (and Gin). He’s a 15 year old boy, not this adultish, big brother type your making him to be. He’s rash, and does things without thinking.

Gin and Rangiku. They’re humorous characters! They aren’t meant to be serious all the time, and even if they were they wouldn’t act like that.

Orihime isn’t that ditzy. Okay, she kinda is, but she’s not an idiot. If Nel had taken the sword, she probably would’ve helped Ichigo try and get it back, or throw up her shield to stop Nel. If you really need some help with Orihime’s character, then look in the TYBW arc; she’s there in Hueco Mundo with Ichigo, Chad, and Urahara. She’s being serious, not all ditzy.

This is a review for this story and most of your others. I just think you should reread, or rematch some parts to help you actually get a feel for the characters.


Despite the fact Toshiro is over forty to fifty years of age… (it has not been confirmed whether or not he is actually over a hundred years of age in canon yet)… he is still physically ten to twelve years of age. It’s not just the body that ages and develops as a child ages but also the brain. Since Toshiro has not hit puberty or just is hitting puberty we run into the problem that while he has a high intelligence level there are certain things his brain is not yet wired for because his brain hasn’t gone through said development yet.

Then there is the fact Toshiro is a child genius. Child geniuses are known for having social problems as well as childish quirks way into adulthood. These quirks vary from person to person, but in some cases you have extremes like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. Certain things go over his head despite the fact he is an adult. If I were to have Toshiro act like an adult all the time, well that is when I feel that I would be having him act out of character.

Toshiro has proven that he is highly self-concious. He blames himself for what happened to Hinamori Momo. Matsumoto Rangiku comments on the fact he has a persecution complex. He’s always worried about his height and the way people see him. He struggles to make friends and create social bonds. He’s lost his temper at times causing some major problems.


I don’t see a problem with describing Uryu pushing up his glasses when it is a habit he has. Would Uryu have never said  that Orihime was a burden? I think this isn’t something that can be determined as in the original version of Bleach it was Orihime who was kidnapped and not Toshiro. Uryu’s comment about how they shouldn’t have brought her with them came after Orihime had managed to mess up quite a few times and he was simply voicing his concerns.


One of Ichigo’s defining traits is the fact he is a big brother to his two little sisters and this has also transferred somewhat towards Toshiro.

Gin and Ran

I would not call Gin and Ran humorous characters. Sure, they have their humorous moments but what character in Bleach doesn’t? The situation did not for them being humorous.


The Thousand Year Bloody War arc happens after the time skip. This takes place prior to the time skip and thus uses the characterization from that particular time.



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