Christmas Nightmare ~ 10-25-2013

I really enjoy your style. I love how you always make Hiysugaya be the child of Matsumoto and Gin. It’s my secret desire to be the truth in the manga. It would be just great! I know you’re updating your stories slowly and you have so many of them, but I wonder if you vould write something different. It’s ALWAYS Gin who takes care of Hitsugaya. I must say it would be nice to read something that comes the other way around – Matsumoto taking care of the boy. Like… I dunno… Toshiro being sick and Matsumoto nursing him? Gin trying to get closer to both of them, but Hitsu would be afraid of him?

Anyway, great story. Can’t wait for more. Although I had to re-read it to remember the story 😉

I agree with the assessment that the majority of the stories I’ve written has had it so that Gin is taking care of Toshiro rather then Rangiku. I actually have a few longer ideas floating around my head that have it so Rangiku is the one taking care of their son rather then Toshiro but the ones that have ended up getting written are the ones that focus on Gin taking care of Toshiro over Rangiku, the exception being a few one-shots. The only one I can think of is Shogatsu. The others are likely buried in the many one-shot collections I have written.



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