Christmas Nightmare (10-26-2013)

Or Hitsugaya could be in the rehab after getting back his arm and leg that he had lost during the Winter War. Momo could be dead, he’d have nightmares about it. Matsumoto would be the only one he would open up – cry, show fear and pain, let he comfort him like little kid ( he’s 10 years old). Gin would try to get close to them, but Hitsugaya could be scared of him and hate him for hurting Matsumoto. Hitsugaya could get sick after training too much or he could get beaten up pretty bad and threaten up to be killed by someone who stands for Gin (like some sicko who actually loved Aizen and took a chance of Hitsugaya being in his weaken state – like revived in hell Momo).

Thanks for the suggestions. I like all of them and  they may be one of the next projects I pursue.


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