To Do List: Plan to Write 2012

  • A Different Life ~ What if a certain character in DDR never died because Toshiro wasn’t near him when he manifested his zampaktuo?

  • A Different Tale – An AU to the Untold Tales based on an old theory I had where a certain zampaktuo belongs to a different character then revealed in canon.

  • Another world – AtlA/Bleach crossover

  • Baby Mine ~ Toshiro and Hisagi are deaged by one of Mayuri’s experiments. (working title)

  • Bleached White Stars ~ This would be a Space Opera AU.

  • Blizzard ~ AU to Soflty Snowing Digi!Angel ~ Digimon/Bleach crossover where Toshiro is for once not related to Gin and Rangiku but someone else.

  • Fear of a Monster – Harry Potter/Bleach crossover where Toshiro is not related to Gin and Rangiku, but is a child genius in the world of the living at something. Plot may end up Gary Stuing Toshiro though.

  • Finding Friendship – Shinigami Kid’s Society fic that is a tribute to Lucanite’s work, but taking a different route.

  • Goodbye Taicho ~ What if Isshin didn’t disappear? (Came up with this idea before some info was revealed in the 1000 Year War) Hanyu child ~ Inuyasha/Bleach crossover, again where Toshiro is not Ran and Gin’s child.

  • High School Boy ~ Sequel to High School Girl

  • Letters to Father ~ This would be a high school AU where child genius Toshiro’s father Gin is also his teacher but he doesn’t know it.

  • Life’s a Rodeo ~ Horseland/Bleach crossover where Yuzu takes up horseback riding.

  • Lost child ~ What if Rangiku didn’t find Toshiro when she did?

  • Lost Life ~ Soifon loses her memories and gets them back, only to find she’s lost quite a few years.

  • Lost Memories ~ Toshiro loses his memories and is reduced to a child like state Magia Red – Situational AU involving old time mafia.

  • Misery ~ Uses Reversed Misery as a basis. My Angel ~ Sequel to Aizen’s Kingdom (working title)

  • Radio Kon: Mary Sue Hunt ~ Self Explanitary Shadows Keeper _ Xiaolin Showdown/Bleach crossover

  • Sing Me a Song ~ Popstar AU… NO copyrighted song lyrics!

  • Stop the Presses – Toshiro gives Hisagi a story. The story Toshiro gives him involves certain characters being in a writing situation.

  • There is Father ~ Durarara!!/Bleach crossover involving reincarnation, but who is a surprise.

  • Twisted Relationships ~ Shugo Chara/Bleach crossover that involves reincarnation as well as Toshiro and Momo being cousins. Involves Momo’s parents.

  • Where is Love ~ Situational AU where everyone is a part of the living world and Gin doesn’t know he has a son

  • AU ~ Momo dies and Rangiku comforts Toshiro (Ayako)

  • AU ~ Toshiro gets sick after training so much and Rangiku steps in. (Ayako)

  • AU ~ Toshiro goes through rehab after the Winter War and Rangiku takes care of him. (Ayako)


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