Lost Child (11/3/2013)

I always got the impression that Hitsugaya never wanted to be a shiningami. It took an authority figure, during a vunerable time where he found he was freezing his grandma to death, to convince him. However w/out Rangiku, he stll would have had the dream about hyourinmaru, woke up and found his living room a freezer and easily deduce he was the problem. He’s a genius and isnt naive, plus graduated the six year acadamy in one year. How hard would it be to self-teach himself to supress his reitsu .Stil like your story and ideas just make toshiro more mature than momo would the same situation


How hard would it be for Toshiro to self-teach himself to suppress his reiatsu? Fact is we don’t know how well Toshiro is able to repress his reiatsu and there is a high chance he was and may still be learning to pressures his reiatsu. It’s not a matter of being smart, it is a matter of being in control. Actually, in the DDR movie it shows that Toshiro is able to control his reiatsu to the extent he can hide it, but once he felt he no longer had to hide it he ended up blacking out and the area around him began to snow. This would happen to be fourty to fifty years after Rangiku helped him out.


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