Lost Child (11/4/2013)

There are two reviews to reply to this time.

My poor baby Shiro. Left alone, beaten up… but I love the drama! Can’t wait to see what is going on with his mom. And where’s Isshin?
Gin is leaving his own kid AGAIN? Oh that snake šŸ˜›

Isshin is taking care of funeral preperations for his fukutaicho as they believe Rangiku to be dead. He’ll come in later. And yes… Gin is a snake leaving his own kid again. He doesn’t have much choice in the matter though.

Yare, yare. Another great storyvof the greatest Yemi Hikari – exacly what I needed this autumn. Looks like it’s another one of those where my beloved and ultimate character – Toushiro is a son of my beloved Matsumoto and liked, but not so much, Gin.
First of all, I’d like to thank you for bringing all if us all these great stories. You’re an awesome writer and I live your style, although I’d like to read more stories where Gin isn’t such a huge part of Toushiro’s life. I love him, but IMO the kid could have a better and stronger bond with his mother sometimes. Matsumoto is more protective of him, Gin was always protective of her and no one else.
Anyway, back to the point. Matsumoto is in trouble, Toushiro is alone and sick – poor kid. Hope Gin or Isshin or both of them will find Matsumoto soon and the kid will end up with his mother (or parents, or mother and father-figure like Isshin or Ukitake, but Isshin would be better,I guess) and she (or they) will start to make him feel safe and loved. He also needs to train to keep his reiatsu inside him.
Momo is great here, but I’d actually liked to see her betraying her little brother. Not in “give him to Aizen” way of course, just yell at him and blame him for killing granny. Only later, after some long time and lots of thinking, she could realize that she was wrong, but he would already be under mother’s protection and it wouldn’t be easy to talk to him.
Gin – as much as I like him, I always sa the poisonous snake in him and it looks like he left his kid AGAIN. I like it, though. It will probably bring more drama and trauma to Toushiro. How old is he here in human years? 7 tops, ne? It won’t be easy to earn his trust. Not for a male, he always lived with a woman. Men only caused him pain – both physical and emotional.
What happened to granny’s body? Is she going to be buried? Toushiro probably won’t see it, huh?
So, I see you’re updating this one pretty often. Hope you’ll stay this way and we’ll be able to read the hole story until the Christmas or not long after the New Year.

Hugs and keep doing such a great job!

I’d like to write some stories where Gin takes a smaller role in Toshiro’s life compared to what I’ve done. This one may be one of them bu it won’t be Rangiku who takes care of him either in this one.

One of the reasons Momo didn’t betray Toshiro is because the news that he was missing came before the accusation of murder. She tends to be one minded about things.

And yeah, that will bring more drama for him. He would be somewhere between five to eight years. How old he is has not been confirmed in canon so for this one we’ll say he is six and a half years old. I’m glad that you reminded me that Toshiro will not do well around males as well.

Tradition in Japan is cremation, not burial. It takes up less space. And no, Toshiro won’t be able to see it.

I should have at least 50,000 words by Christmas time.


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