Lost Child (11-19-2013)

Omg, don’t make Ran Aizen’s slave, please! Don’t make her have his kid! Omg, omg, omg, Gin, find her and save her, quickly! Or Issin-san!
I’d love to see Rangiku hugging Toshiro like that, comforting him, making him feel safe and loved. I’m sure she’s going to be an awesome mom. Shiba can take Momo. I don’t care about her at all. But Shiro’s place is with his mommy and daddy

It is still up in the air exactly what Aizen is going to do to Rangiku. Gin will not be finding her fast as Aizen is not someone he can simply move against in a quick manner. It’s why it took him so long in the original canon. Because of this Toshiro won’t be able to be with his mother and father. Sorry to disapoint.


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