Lost Child (11-22-2013)

Shiro-chan is just too cute this way! And poor Matsumoto is goin’ to miss it, that’s so unfair :C
I have a feeling that Kusaka is going to be a bad guy.

Yeah. It is kind of sad she is going to miss out on Toshiro being cute like this. No, I have no plans at this point of making Kusaka the bad guy. He’s actually going to be feeling a different role.

I feel really bad Toshiro, especially for when the soul society find out he and Kusaka share the same zanpaktuo. If he and Kusaka have to fight for hyourinmaru, like in the movie, its going to be really hard for Toshiro to win.

They’re not going to have the same zampaktuo. I personally believe the only reason Kusaka came to have Toshiro’s zampaktuo was because Toshirio’s rieatsu negatively effected things thus pretty much over riding Kusaka’s real zampaktuo.


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