Broken Trot (6-27-2014)

cerise:I hated that you made it about Bailey and Sarah you should have made it about Will and Sarah

The reader has no right to dictate what pairings the writer uses and acting like they do crosses a reviewing etiquette on the reviewers part. This isn’t the same thing mind you as a review chewing out the writer for not giving any warning about certain “kinds” of pairings, like slash, incest, non-consensual, you name it. With the new character system that allows the reader to tag the characters in a pairing writers are having to use less warnings as well these days and some become redundant.

In this particular case the most popular pairing in the Horseland fandom is Will/Sarah. There are sixty-three stories for this particular fandom. Fourteen of these stories can be found by putting in Will and Sarah into the character search. This means that around one-fifth of the stories are about this particular pairing. On top of this eleven of the stories in the Horseland fandom are mine. Take them away and the percentage of Will/Sarah becomes even bigger and amounts to one-forth of the stories.

How is this fair to the other people in the fandom? Not everybody else wants to read Will/Sarah. I don’t mind reading it despite it being my preferred pairing, but I’ve also found it to be getting old. Not to mention the fact there is an… issue… with this particular pairing. Most of the writers don’t realize that there is likely a three year age gap between the two characters. Then again  I have to wonder if any of them realize that this three year age gap has legal ramifications and that the two really can’t date until Sarah turns eighteen. I don’t point this out because many of the kids who write this pairing are rather young and don’t understand the ramifications.

The main point is that I’m not going to write Will/Sarah just because someone tells me I’m wrong for liking and writing the ship I do. I thought about writing an AU… but you know what. At this point the AU is going to be a one-shot where Will turns Sarah down. And that is sure to go over well.

This also said… I’m seriously thinking about doing a Fanworks for this particular series… minus the M rated stuff. It might help some of the younger writers out. Unfortunatly… some of the writers for Fanworks that I’ve created… they’re stuff is M rated for a reason. So I might do something seperate for their stories. It’s a pain though keeping track of the two. I’ll need to think about it.



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