Bleach: Glitch

sensibility – 9/06/15

The comments you make on your WordPress account are inexcusable. The world can do without your narrow-minded hatred. You are not the “cat’s pajamas” as you like to gloat.

What’s wrong with me voicing my opinion on what other people write on WordPress? When I comment on other peoples stuff I attempt to avoid name calling and personal attacks, but if there is a place I didn’t then point it out. What’s wrong with me replying to anonymous reviews here on my WordPress? Many are trying to hide behind anonymous reviews like the one above in hopes they won’t be called out for some of the things they say. I’ve also never claimed I’m the “cat’s pajamas”.

Note – I have an idea of who this person is as it coincided with a person on yet a third site I’m on trying to say things like “you think you’re a gift to the world” and I wouldn’t put up with their antics on the other site, so they decided to find something to lash out about.

10/18/14 – “blunt”, what is this, Quincy weed power? lol

Thank you for allowing me to have a laugh at myself. 🙂

I think I left the mistake in the fic because I found it amusing, and I might eventually use this in a latter one-shot for the fun of it ’cause it allows me to poke fun of myself. Fort hose who don’t know its actually “blut” and not “blunt”.

8/16/14 – Poor Ichigo, feeling like it’s his fault for Toshiro dying. Having people talk about him replacing toshiro before he’s had a chance to actually grieve must be killing Ichigo inside. If a close friend of mine died and someone told me I’ll basically have to replace them I’d feel like I was throwing my friend away and wouldn’t be able to handle it. And now we found out that Toshiro died in Matsumoto’s arms, she must be in a dark place right now. She’s already had to deal with Isshin’s death in the past (at least she thinks) and adding on Gin and Toshiro’s death to the list of people she’s lost isn’t going to help her at all. I can’t really say much about Momo since her sanity was questionable near the end of the winter war (actually the whole war, but that’s just me). I can kind of see how Karin isn’t taking the news as badly as Ichigo since she felt Toshiro’s reiatsu earlier, but still cried, but I’d expect Yuzu to be a little more upset since she’s really open about her emotions and
is the kind of person who would easily feel bad for other people. I really liked the chapter, can’t wait for the next one!

I actually agree and would feel the same way. I’m glad you picked up on that in this particular fic as well. Matsumoto’s in a dark place, but she also has people to hopefully help her through this including Ichigo. Momo’s hard to work with because her sanity and ability is indeed questionable, but I also want to try and have her grow as a character to if possible. I can’t go into how I plan on doing this because it would provide spoilers for this particular fic though. Yuzu’s not reacting much because she’s supposed to be the strong one, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten just yet about her emotions as well.

toolazytologin – 8/15/14

O.O Oh my gosh! You SERIOUSLY have to update! And soon! Please! This is such a good story!

I wonder who you are. Oh well. No point in saying I’ll update as I’ve updated since then. 🙂


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