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You know, some people may not be excellent writers, because they come here to make a start for themselves and they have fun doing it. Of course they won’t be good at first. Nobody can start off good at something. I sure as hell wasn’t good at first. I think it’s terrible that you would come and make fun of these people and bash them instead of giving constructive criticism and helping them get better.

And for the love of everything holy, who cares if people like Twilight? They may be misguided by liking an abusive relationship, but they’re not hurting anyone. It’s a teenage thing. They’ll grow out of it. Just like they could grow into writing and becoming promising authors.

You really should be ashamed of yourself for making fun of your fellow man instead of helping them along. This is what’s wrong with the world.

Aren’t I making fun of myself? Each and every single one of the writers is an original character created by myself, and each story is written by myself. Constructive criticism actually isn’t the only way people can learn. Another way is satire/parody. For those willing to listen a good satire/parody piece allows those making the mistakes and those who aren’t to laugh together, or cringe together. Those who tend to over react do so because something hits home for them.

As for Twilight – I’m not actually satirizing Twilight, but the behavior of the rabid fan base known as the Twihards who give Twilighers a bad reputation. The way to fix a persons misguided behavior is to either tell them they are wrong, or find a way which hits home. Not everybody learns from being lectured, but seeing their behavior satirized/parodied does make others think twice about their behavior.

I’ve no reason to feel ashamed of myself either. I read a story, I leave critique. These are my bad fics I’m making fun of, and I’m also satirizing types of fanfic writers which tend to be a problem and not aiming at anyone specific. The only one would be Animus Rover. That one is based off a really good friend because I love him and his stories to death despite the fact I also want to bang my head against the wall at times. Sadly this also means I may end up showing favoritism towards this writer.

Lily – 7/5/15

I like Osshiko, flamer and all. Also, I like Sailor Paladin also. Will you be making Osshiko do more fanfics? And will we get to see some of Sailor Paladin’s work? I, personally, am interested in seeing this Orihime/Rukia slash story she has.

I do plan on doing more stories with Osshiko. Sailor Paladin is a bit of a problem as I’ve actually not figured out how to incorporate the Good Fic writers stories in as technically they’re what I would personally write in the first place and many would be better published as separate stories.

I guess this means I need to think up an actual slash fic for Orihime and Rukia huh?

Hatred – 4/17/15

Hahah I just skip all this s*** and go straight to what the real characters think of each fanfic. I know it’s overused, but it’d be cool if the cast of bleach finds fanfiction and comment saying this and that. In a similar fashion to this one actually, but not exacty alike… because I find this one to be confusing as hell

The name bothers me a bit. This was a major experiment on my part, so hopefully if I do another series I’ll not have as much problems. 🙂

7/11/13 – these stories…ARE PERFECT FOR MY ANGER MANAGEMENT! Nice job on the fanfic!

Not sure what to say, but okay. 🙂


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