Bleach: Letters to Father

QueenB – 8/13/15

Now I am absolutely positive that his father is gin. But 90% sure it’s matsumoto as his mother.
Plus I don’t think it makes sense that isshin and kaien are identical twins. Maybe feternal twins like yuzu and karin but not identical. Anyway, glad you updated. And 3 chapters no less.

I can’t answer the first part as I don’t want to reveal secrets, but those who know my stories likely know where I’m going with that.

Chances of Isshin and Kaien being identical twins is slim as they do have different eye colors, or at least I believe their eye color is different. Isshin’s eyes are rather small, so they may actually be aqua as well. Discussing it with my brother we lean more towards near identical twins, or mirror twins or yin yang twins. These twin types can still be mistaken for each other to the untrained eye, but that also depends on how the writer chooses to use said concept.

Did Miyako say identical twins in the fic though? I’ll need to go back and double check that, and if so figure out how I want to fix it. I can either edit the chapter or have her actually goof in what she said.

Glad you liked the many updates. 🙂

Queen B – 8/13/15

Update soon!

I plan on it. 🙂

Queen B – 8/13/15

I think his father is gin and the mother is matsumoto. Because gin is stalking toshiro (out of love, I think) and matsumoto is head over heals in love with gin.

I’d love to confirm or deny, but I also don’t like spoiling things for my stories. A lot of people who know my stories though likely already know the answer.

Queen B – 7/29/15

Ichigo is being so clueless. Even though rukia is leading him on.

I’m glad you picked up on  hat from the story. That was fun to hide in there to see if anyone caught on. 🙂

Queen B – 7/29/15

Does yuzu have a crush on toshiro? It’s the only reason I can come up with because she looks at him funny.

Good guess. I can’t go into more details lest I spoil something.

Queen B – 7/28/15

When he put his finger up I thought it meant something else…

I like the reaction to that one despite the fact him putting up his finger didn’t mean that. 🙂


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