Bleach – Liking Onself series

Liking Oneself – 7/19/15

Actually as a former Shinigami captain Isshin would know exactly what happens to souls taken in by hollows.

So what does happen to souls taken by hollows? What we do know is that souls taken by Hollows are used as energy, but they don’t disappear. Later on the souls fight to see who’ll win out the dominate personality. We also know they must keep eating souls or else they will lose dominance. What we don’t know is what happens after a hollow is destroyed to the other souls devoured. We do know the soul of a Hollow who hasn’t sinned gets sent onto Soul Society, so doesn’t this mean the other souls are free to? Or are they gone for good? We actually don’t know, so do the Shinigami know? If they don’t then why can’t Isshin speculate about Masaki possibly being in Soul Society and such?

P.S. Keep in mind Isshin will have already defeated Grand Fisher by the time he did his first video.

Liking Oneself II – 6/11/15

I hope someone slaps the living daylights out of the selfish selfcentered twit. she deserves it.

Momo probably does deserve a nice slap across the cheek some of the times she gets out of the hand, but she shouldn’t be beaten up.

Liking Oneself II – Tohda – 6/4/15

Glad you updated this story. I like reading most of your stories. Can’t leave a proper review because honestly, after staying for almost a year (and counting) in a country that barely speaks English, I’m already too tired to actually pinpoint grammar mistakes or the like as I am more grateful that I can finally read something in English. Not that there are much to correct in your stories and there’s really nothing negative I can say about the plot because I wouldn’t read them if the stories weren’t to my liking.

Hope you continue to update your other stories specially “Baby Care Package”, “Touchan Taicho”, “Softly Snowing II: Academy Years”, and “Secret Santa”.

Do keep writing! 🙂

No worries on that. I do hope to update the others soon though, though Touchan Taicho depends on a few things like getting ST up onto Wattpad so it’s easier to read, writing the next chapter and getting it to EvilHumour

Liking Oneself: De-Zombification – 8/28/14

I really hate what kubo is doing to toshiro! like seriously, why does he torture this poor kid so much! and now even matsumoto is zombiefied, w**?!

hoping for you to continue this story, I think we all need to read something comforting…

Yeah. I feel bad for Toshiro. Now as of posting this Toshiro may have his life span shortened, but that’s only if it actually is Mayuri speaking and not Toshiro. Toshiro saying “my life was cut down many times, but I’m still thankful as he saved my life”. The cutting down of lives refers to the time loop. Sadly the actual Manga volume won’t be released over here for over a year so it seems it will be over a year until confirmation. Can’t find any stories dealing with this detail yet either, but I did find a whopper of a Mary Sue when I tried looking.

Liking Oneself: De-Zombification – 8/13/14

Oh My Gosh. Did he just… s*** his pants… Seriously? Wow, as much as I LOVE your stories and always am impressed by how amazingly you write them, this made me even MORE impressed since I would never thought you’d write something like that! Congratulations! I was literally reading this part with my mouth open from a shock you served there!

I wonder what’s wrong with his brain now. He knows he’s alive, but he’s still afraid of the sun. I can understand he thinks he’s a doll, since GiGi pretty much messed his mind up with making a doll from him by creating a zombie, but being afraid of the sun? Pretty weird idea, but I trust you know what you’re doing – as you always do 🙂

Hoping for Matsumoto to be the new captain, you just made me believing it’s possible. Plus, the position would stay in the family and Toshiro could take over or the division would have two taichos when he recovers.

Oh! Really nice review with a ton of length. I loved the fact you noticed so many details from the story. Matsumoto being the new captain though… that’s a rather good question. That may have been my plan, but I may have someone else in mind. 🙂

Secrets are secrets.

Liking Oneself: De-Zombification – 8/4/15

Oooo? This story is good so far. Any updates coming up soon?

Long time, but I do hope to update soon.

Liking Oneself: De-Zombification – 8/1/14

Love the beginning of this story already and can’t wait for more. But I do wonder why is Hitsugaya drooling so much? Are some of his nerves damaged or something? Or is it a side effect of being zombiefied? Poor baby, thanks the spirits he has motherly Matsumoto by his side 🙂
Why the bunk beds if they’re in her house? Is it because her house is actually a room which is a replacement for her real house that was destroyed during the Quincy attack? Shouldn’t they go someplace safe? I’m not sure if he should feel safe out there, so close to the battlefield… But still, it’s really great they lives together now although I’m not sure if it’s good to degrade him from his captain position. I mean, he’s a prodigy after all. He can have both – childhood and work, right? If Matsumoto took care of the job, he’d be pretty much free and could enojoy life and childhood WITH Matsumoto still with him.
I feel the nightmares coming up and I won’t be surprised to see them really bad. Again – I’m glad Matsumoto’s with him. They share a bond deeper than any other taicho and fukutaicho and I love it. I wish they had more “screen time” in the manga.

Thanks for another story and I’m waiting for more.

Toshiro’s recovering his mental and physical abilities due to being turned into a zombie. Matsumoto’s place is her quarters at the tenth division which consists of one to two rooms. The place has no kitchen, and is very small size wise. Thus there is not any room for more then one bed and thus they need to stack them.

You’re also right that this is degrading for Toshiro, but is he able to understand this at this point? This isn’t to say this isn’t a worry of the adults, but right now they’re more concerned about Toshiro’s basic well being then anything else as well as getting him better.

Liking Oneself – Rawr I’m a Taco – 11/02/13

I really liked this story. It was great for a laugh, and the plot was really good. It could use a bit of work grammar-wise, but other than that, it was great. Keep up the good work in your sequel. 🙂

The Taco (Oh, and “Rawr I’m a Taco” is my username, I’m just too lazy to log in)

I’m glad you found the story funny and agree with the fact the grammar needs work.


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