Bleach: Shogatsu & Breaking One’s Heart

Naga9000 – 6/16/15

This was rather sweet; I loved the bond shown between Rangiku and Toshiro, it is rather strong which just goes to show how close the two are.
I enjoyed reading this…

Wow! I wrote this story a long time ago. Thanks for reviewing! 🙂

The CritiqueP – 4/713

The CritiqueP:Ok one thing-went to your profile and I have to say this,
“Hitsugaya and and Hinamori are not technically siblings” and I say this
because they may have grown up as siblings but that does not make them
siblings. Thats like if your parents died and you moved in with your aunt and
uncle-they are not your parents even though you may look at them as parental
figures. It doesn’t mean you can’t feel like they are I’m just saying you
shouldn’t get all butt hurt over someone saying that they are childhood
friends because that is COMPLETELY true and Canon. I mean you can twist in
your favor and try and argue that because they grew up under the same “Granny”
that makes them siblings but that’s not really true but since this is
Fanfiction you can do whatever you want.
My point is that you telling people that Hinamori and Hitsugaya are not
childhood friends is both right and wrong. Toshiro often refers to Hinamori as
a childhood friend while acquaintances of the two have identified him as
Momo’s younger brother-most likely because of what Momo has said about him.
Momo treated him AS a younger brother but technically even if they are close
at the heart that does not change blood- they are NOT siblings(not really). So
either answer can be regarded as true but the most accepted-and technically
right- answer is that Momo and Hitsugaya are childhood friends who regard each
other in a brother/…

This message has been truncated due to length. To view in full, please visit

The CritiqueP – 4/7/13

sorry meant to post that under “Breaking One’s Heart”


Ok first of all my computer has a virus so I cannot sign in as when ever I
try it says that there is an error and I’ve been forced to use a friends
I refuse to argue this point any longer with you as I’ve already told you that
you are both right and wrong but to be honest I really think you just enjoying
arguing and thinking you are right so i’m going to leave you to it. I never
said that there needed to be a blood relation to feel like siblings but unless
there is some legal document to make this claim valid its just you feeling
close to a very good friend/confidante. (which is completely OK but just
growing up with someone doesn’t magically change the fact that you have a
different DNA make-up-you can’t just walk around claiming someone as your
sibling and not expect some odd looks when you don’t have the same parents nor
are you adopted) So it is not wrong to say that they are not siblings-it
really depends on what you view siblings as being-the creator or whoever can
say they are siblings but unless you are someone who believes being “siblings
of the heart” counts then it doesn’t really matter.
But I will leave this as it is because this debate honestly isn’t worth the
effort (go ahead and delete this if you want) I do wish you luck in the future
of writing (rock on!) :} I enjoy reading new stuff!:}:} Keep up the good work!

These reviews were posted a long time ago. Long story short someone reviewed another one of my stories and I countered their review in a PM. In said PM they started telling me I made Momo out of character and was character bashing her because she wasn’t anywhere as mean as I made her and I had everyone not trusting her as well as questioned whether she deserved the rank of fukutaicho or if Aizen put her in the rank because she was easy to manipulate.

I told the reader there was no proof she was skilled with kido. Saying she is an expert user of kido isn’t the same thing as saying she is actually a kido master, and the quote from Tite Kubo saying “the lieutenant is an expert user of kido,” is followed up by “She can look awe-inspiring sometimes.” This means she’s skilled at making her kido look flashy, and she’s good at memorizing spells, but it doesn’t mean she’s got power behind her kido.

What Kira and Toshiro says also needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Both admire Hinamori so they may exagerate the truth. Toshiro’s words were that HInamori was a master at her kido, and not that she was a master of kido or a kido master. The order of wording does matter as the meaning does change.

Add to this she’s never seen using kido well, so if she is a kido expert it is majorly an informed trait. During the battle with Matsumoto she actually messed up big time. Yes, combining various kido spells is amazing, but all of these spells were low level and were used to make up for her lack of power and other skills. As for her healing kido – Shinji does praise it, but he also despairs it as not being as good as the fourths. His exact words are, “Momo is a skilled girl, but still not as good as the 4th division.”

Momo’s also constantly messing up. She didn’t actually rescue Matsumoto during the Winter War, but instead butted in when Rangiku was trying to draw off one enemy from the other. Her attacks are only good for sneak attacks, and she’s not useful in any way but her kido. Jumping in to save Matsumoto caused a three fukutaicho to be knocked out and chances are all of them are at captain level except for their Bankai, and Hisagi did actually have Bankai despite the fact we didn’t know at the time. The old man’s words were dirrected at her. The next time she shows up she’s interupting a fight where her enemy is over powered and having to be rescued by Komamura.

So no… I still don’t think Momo’s actual fukutaicho material, and that Shinji is just babysitting her.

Well, this person wasn’t pleased with me not seeing their point of view, and they used circular reasoning and came back to an original point they made despite the fact I countered every piece of logic they used. They proceeded to sock puppet, claim they “weren’t a fan of Momo” and finally decided to create a new account giving themselves away by revealing information left in the anonymous reviews which I had purposefully never let anyone see.

(Not the whole bit about foster siblings, I did mention something on my profile for a bit.)

They proceeded to post a spoiler for a light novel and claimed that it proved Momo was fukutaicho material because Shinji approved of her. I told her

a.) The material wasn’t canon in the United States as there was no translation available, and only a summary.

b.) Even if it were canon there were contradictions I could point out.

c.) Said synopsis actually proved me right and not her as the person noted Shinji’s desparing attitude towards Momo rather then a positive one like the reviewer claimed.

She received a major lecture about providing spoilers in summaries like that, and tried telling me I was mad because she was right and that I deserved to have the light novel spoiled. (Yeah… she really said that in a PM… no, it was an anonymous review because I blocked her.) She was sort of sorry for spoiling it for my readers, but not really.

… Anyways… onto these actual reviews.

Said content had nothing to do with the actual story in question which is why they were instantly deleted. A lot of what she said in her anonymous reviewers were honestly insulting as she pretty much said you can only be siblings if you’re blood related, or if you’re adopted. Plenty of foster siblings would disagree with that as would the children who do come to call their aunt and uncle father and mother. This was the kind of logic I dealt with in the other reviews and PMs, and why I couldn’t take her seriously.

P.S. I also googled her reviews and found I wasn’t the only writer she was trying to demand changes of. If I remember correctly the other story she told the writer Ichigo and Rukia couldn’t have premarital sex. Another point of contention was how I didn’t have Toshiro act constantly like an adult despite the fact he’s still a child. (Makes me feel really bad for him right now.) This wasn’t a pleasant situation either as her behavior amounted to harassment, and while I wasn’t bothered emotionally other then to find her annoying it did take time out of my writing schedule as I had to deal with her whether it was countering her bad logic in PM, or deleting her anonymous reviews.

I hope nobody else has to deal with a reviewer like this, but chances are you will.


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