Bleach/Harry Potter: Muggle Ghosts series

Talon83 – 7/15/15

Hold on a second, Regalus Black is a soul reaper?!

Yes and no. He and his group call themselves Grim Reapers, not Soul Reapers, but they do serve the same purpose and amount to the same thing despite the different names. Good job catching on. 🙂

9/29/13 – Wouldn’t it be soul reaper instead of grim reaper?

Nope. You’re thinking it should be Soul Reaper because that’s the official English translation, but the official English translation does not exist in this world. Different cultures develop different names for things and Grim Reapers is the name they came up for their kind in the UK. Another is Death, but Death is more of the leader of the Grim Reapers. Let’s not forget the actual Grimm or black dog.

Gingerbread – 7/27/13

the black is Sirius’s brother, right.

Yup. Good guess. (Yeah, this is one of the secrets I don’t mind revealing as it’s pretty much revealed in another side story for this. I couldn’t wait to work with Regulus’ character. 🙂 )

11/27/13 – hahahaha roflmao! Snapes signing the petiton was hilaryus!

Glad you found that funny. I believe – since it’s been awhile – he did it so he wouldn’t be annoyed anymore.


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