Horseland: Broken Trot

bluelove – 7/26/15

Sweet finish plz its awesome

Story is finished, but I may eventually write a sequel or do something else with the piece.

ceriese – 6/27/14

I hated that you made it about Bailey and Sarah you should have made it about Will and Sarah

No, I shouldn’t have. The readers don’t have any right to dictate what pairings a writer uses in their stories. They can tell the writer that the characters are out of character, and that they can make the pairing more realistic. They can’t though tell them no go on the pairing.

The books make it clear Sarah is eleven and Will is fourteen which means there is a three year age gap between the two. There are legality issues with this kind of pairings. Thus if I am to ever write a story for this pairing I’d be taking the legal issues into consideration for the stories I write. The most obvious solution is to have Sarah graduate high school as she would no longer be a minor, and they don’t have to deal with the fact Will is her teacher at Horseland thus placing him into a position of trust. That’s actually another issue outside of the age gap.

Phocks – 5/22/14

What school? Who’s older sister? What girl? I’m confused. I like Horseland, but I don’t watch it that much.

I believe I was referring to Talia Bentley who goes to Stanhope Academy. She and the other school are major rivals of Horseland in competitions. I created a sister for her to pair with Will because I liked the character dynamics between such a pairing and the potential tension it can bring to other stories.


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