Not Mine Valentine (Bleach)

I decided to pull anonymous reviews by going into the Remove Review feature, but there are no dates for this feature, just numbers.

Anon  (20) – I’m loving this fanfic! I love the idea of Gin being Toshiros Father.

Thanks. I actually like this idea as well, even though we’ll likely now never know if Kubo ever did intend to reveal this.

Katie (22) – I’ll start off with saying that I’m a huge fan and I think your writing is amazing! So much so, that I even find myself rereading them when I have time and that’s something I usually don’t do. I really like this story and the plot is very interesting. I also think that you capture the character’s personalities very well through both their reactions to situations, and their dialogue. I, personally, don’t like hinamori

Thanks. I like the fact someone likes my stories enough to re-read them. I actually wouldn’t describe my writing as amazing though, knowing full well where I’ve come from, and where I hope to go. However, someone reminded me recently in regards to my offline craft pursuits that what may not seem amazing to me, particularly due to how hard I can be on myself, that to others it is amazing, so I kind of have found myself trying to look at my older works through that kind of eye on top of nitpicking everything I know I did wrong.

I actually like Hinamori though, despite all of her major flaws. I wouldn’t say she’s a likable character, as she’s not really someone I think I’d want to be friends with, due to the fact she has a habit of being oblivious to those around her, but as a character type, I find her to be quite real, as I have met people like her. She adds a dynamic to the work, but also who Toshiro is.

Katie (22) – I’m so sorry! I think credit should be given where credit is due, and it is canon that hinamori is a kido master. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Shinji does get rid of her in the manga though. Thank you for update and I’m sorry for putting two reviews. Please forgive me!

Actually, she’s a master at her kido, not a kido master. There is a major difference. I’m not surprised that Shinji kept her around though, as he likes playing with her mind. She did, as I thought, never prove she had what it took to be a fukutaicho though.

Gemma Hitsugaya (15) – What is with toshiro? I don’t think I like him this way

Yeah. I get the fact some fans don’t like child genius Toshiro acting like a kid, but others do.

One question. They were both shown as children when they first met, and she didn’t suffer any memory loss since that point. So when would they have a child?

Were they children when they met? I was under the impression they were both preteens, which means they were able to have children. As for her not ever suffering memory loss, no, that’s never been shown in the series, but then Kubo had to cut the series short, so a lot of things are unknown.


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