Please Learn to Check Publication Dates

Today I received an anonymous review from someone using the name Shadoriune5123.

Not to be rude, but Pidge didn’t even go into all the possibilities that open up…

I thought at first I was actually getting a legit critique from someone, but the more I read the review, the more I want to slam my head against my computer keyboard. I wrote “Aliens Among Us” before season two, so why is the reader bringing up information that is not only revealed during season two, but is information Pidge still does not possess to make a deduction from? That’s not the only things though.

…when you think about the fact that there are co-dominant genes, and those could affect whether the camouflage gene shows up in Galra.

Why would Pidge think that the traits are co-dominant? Yes, co-dominant genes do exist, but there is no reason for her to believe with the information she has that the genes are co-dominant. Keep in mind, in this fic the team is specifically arguing hypothetically whether Keith, with Galra blood in him would have purple skin. For him to be Galra, Pidge has already come to the conclusion the purple skin would not be a dominant feature, which led to the debate about whether they were the same species. Pidge mocks this idea by pointing out that camouflage would be a non-dominant trait, as they would have seen Galra with this trait, which they have not.

Then you have the fact that there are also gene mutations that affect our chromosones and their genes, and that opens up even more possibilities for the Galra and Alteans to be the same race.

I’m honestly still trying to figure out what this has to do with anything. Throwing around big words doesn’t actually make you smart, and one needs to make ones point a whole lot clearer than just saying something exists. They never get into what they meant by gene mutations specifically, just said it is possible. However, to use it theoretically, you need to back it up with more than “it’s possible”.

Besides, Haggar is Altean and she’s BLUE. I know the Alteans have camouflage capabilities, but really, she is BLUE.Besides, Haggar is Altean and she’s BLUE. I know the Alteans have camouflage capabilities, but really, she is BLUE.

Not only is this second season information that Pidge still doesn’t have, Haggar is purple, not blue. This is also based around the idea that purple is Haggar’s natural skin color rather than her doing exactly what Allura says her species were known for, infiltration. Don’t argue that her skin color is something when we actually do not know.

Besides, how many Alteans do you think have solid yellow eyes.

How do we know this isn’t part of the camouflauge capabilities, one that Allura in her young age does not have as a skill, but an older Altean like Haggar would have? Let us also not forget when this was published.

I think that Haggar could possibly be a bridge between the two. And maybe they’re separate races, sort of like how you have lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, caracals, and servals all on the same continent. They’re all pretty different, but in essence they are the same. They’re all a kind of big cat, so I think that the Alteans and Galra and humans aren’t that far apart, otherwise you couldn’t have a viable hybrid such as Keith. For instance, tigers and lions can interbreed, but a fox and a coyote cannot.

Good grief.

First, if she is a bridge between the two, she is a hybrid, which I won’t argue against. But then this person brings up hybrids but doesn’t use that in reference to Haggar. Again, this fic was written before this particular reveal as well.

Second, the “race” thing is complicated. There is a big debate about whether the Vulcans and Romulans are the same species or not. Genetically, they are the same species, but in regards to race, it’s been discovered that only a select few genes are linked to true racial differences genetically. Race is instead a contrived idea. However, they are referred to as different species because they see themselves that way.

However, the problem comes up when the writer of this referred to animal species as races when there is no such thing as race among animals. It’s that they are of differing species. Add to this, Pidge wasn’t debating with people whether a hybrid between any of these species was possible or not. What she was arguing was whether or not the purple skin trait was something which could be passed on genetically to the hybrid, with Keith being what they based their hypothesis around. In other words, this wasn’t a debate about whether Keith was Galra or not, but a debate about whether his skin was actually purple if he so happened to be part Galra.

That, and a debate about the logic Lance used to joke about Keith being Galra. They were having a major joke at the expense of Keith, utterly mortifying the poor guy, who at this point in time is horrified by the idea of possibly being part Galra, and they’ve not yet gotten to him seeing the blade. Lance just randomly brought the idea up.

Anyways, that’s my take, but I think it’s a great story and you did awesome!

Thanks, but I can’t help but think you missed the point of my story.

Anyways, while I don’t agree with the logic the reader used, I’m letting this one through. While I don’t see the critique as legit because of logic fallacies, it is still a valid opinion and they did attempt to use logic in their analysis of what I wrote. Thus, it isn’t a flame. And, it did mean my fic did provoke some kind of thought with them.


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