Vizards are Annoying

I got the following review today from an anon who calls themselves FrostHunter.

Toshiro has to deal with so much having personality of child isn’t going to win him any respect.

The problem is, I’m not sure what the writer means. From my experience, they can mean one of two things.

On one side, they could be referring to the fact Toshiro does have a childish personality because he is a child genius still, but that it really doesn’t win him points with people. On the other, they could be yet another person who refuses to acknowledge that Toshiro isn’t an adult, but a child genius, and is trying to rag on my for making him childish because they believe any bit of childish would ruin his credibility despite the fact a certain current taicho is very childish in his demenor.

I prefer to think it’s the first, so I’m letting it through.


Silver and Gold Cracks


That’s the anonymous review I got today.

For those who don’t know, weeb is short for weeabo. As for what a weebo is, according to the current top definition at Urban Dictionary, it is…

A non japanese person who basically denounces their own culture and calls themselves japanese. They try to learn japanese through the anime they watch and usually end up pronouncing it wrong and looking like a complete idiot.

Have I ever said I’ve ever denounced my culture for the Japanese culture. Problem is, I’ve never announced my personal culture and ethnicity online ever. So, I can’t have denounced my own culture when I’ve never explicitly said I am of any given culture, yet they don’t know if I am or am not of the Japanese culture.

Well, I am American, but that doesn’t mean I’m not of Japanese decent. There is a very rich history of Japanese immigrants in this country, though some of the history is not so good. Many of those of Japanese decent were removed from their homes during WWII whether they were legal citizens or not.

However, there is also this note on the definition.

KEEP IN MIND: that a non-japanese person can like the culture, watch anime, speak the language and RESPECT THE CULTURE, while still keeping in touch with there own. Which keeps them from being a Weeaboo, japanophile, ect.

If I’m not of Japanese decent, I can still enjoy their own culture. Actually, I’ve found learning about other cultures helps a person to become better in touch with their own culture. I’ve not just delved into the Japanese culture, but I’ve learned things about Native American cultures, various European cultures, and Asian cultures.

What bothers me about this one though is, I actually did careful research for the contest piece I wrote. I spent time researching the art technique I was supposed to include, but also the elements the contest wished for me to include. At least one of the characters is also of Japanese decent, if not both for this fanfic. If it is the character’s culture, how can I not delve into it? If it is a required part for the contest, how can I not include it?

If you’re going to call someone a weeb, actually back it up.

This said, I may have misspelled some Japanese words. My doing so is not a sign of disrespect. I’m dyslexic, so even though I do try to get the words spelled right, I may make mistakes. That’s not a reason to call me a weeb though.



You do know the ninja call their planet Earth, right?

So, I’m writing a story where the Voltron: Legendary Defender characters landed on the world of Naruto. I’m thinking the writer was trying to correct me on what they perceive as a mistake.

First, let’s start off with the fact there is a reason we call our planet Earth. At least, that’s what we call the planet in the English language. Other languages use some form of Terra for the name. In Japan, the word is Chikyu. All of these words mean earth, or land. Planets often have their name derived from the people who live there, or the word in a given language which means Earth.

Second, the characters don’t really call their planet Earth, as they don’t speak English but Japanese instead. Sure, in the English version they speak English and they call the planet Earth, but there again, they’re speaking English and not Japanese. In this world, they supposedly had no contact with the western world, so why would they call their planet Earth? Now, I’m not familiar with the words used in the Japanese version, so if Kishimoto used Earth instead of his own language, it’s something I’d chalk up to another one of the things he didn’t think through.

Third, this is an AU where the characters of Naruto aren’t on Earth. However, their culture derives from Earth culture, and they think the planet they originated on is their home planet. I mentioned taking inspiration from Stargate, where people of Earth were relocated, but thought the planet they were on was actually Earth. However, this isn’t a trope which shows up in just Stargate, where the people and culture are displaced like this.

The main point is, this isn’t a mistake on my part. I actually thought it out quite a bit.


Pokemon: Bulbatoe

Today I got an anonymous review which equates to ‘how not to get your favorite writer to update what you want them to update‘. Bulbatoe is a Pokemon one-shot I wrote recently for someone’s Yuletide wish this year, and yet here is one of the reviews I got.

Kaito1412:Can you please finish some of your other stories before you start another.I am a real big fan of your hitsukarin stories.I have been waiting a long time for you to update   red and white,cage package,diamond treasure,understanding ll ,negirau   that I don’t like your other stories you are one of my favorite   let me know in an update of your next story if you are going to do it or not.I wil still read your   it just gets me so mad when you really get into a story and the other doesn’t want to continue or if they forgot about it.

There are actually quite a few issues with this particular review. The first thing which jumped out at me was the last part which reads…

it just gets me so mad when you really get into a story and the other doesn’t want to continue or if they forgot about it

You the reader do not know what is going on in said writer’s life, so you do not know why they are not continuing said story at that point in time. The reason I’ve not updated a lot of my stories recently has nothing to do with the fact I don’t want to continue these stories, or that I forgotten them, but that recently I’ve had to deal with some major things going on offline that has a negative effect on my writing schedule.

I’ve also got to deal with the fact my mind bounces all over the place with tons of ideas. For those of you who think having some disorder which allows the writer to super focus on a task is great – this is actually one of the major downsides to having such a disorder. It has ways of backfiring.

Second thing I noticed was this review wasn’t even left on a story for the Bleach fandom! It was also left on a one-shot I wrote for a specific challenge/contest/event, which in turn is a way to help me refocus on my bigger projects, or at least most of the time. It’s part of how my writing process works. Most of all though, the real reason they posted on said story is because Bulbatoe is the latest story I posted, and this was for the holidays.

But there is a third issue I noticed.

I am a real big fan of your hitsukarin stories.I have been waiting a long time for you to update   red and white,cage package,diamond treasure,understanding ll ,negirau   that I don’t like your other stories

Thank you for making it clear the only reason you like my stories is because of the pairing and were able to get your latest fix for said pairing, and not because you actually like the stories I wrote.

At least that’s the way that particular comment reads.

First, I’ve actually posted quite a few stories for this pairing which are clearly marked for this pairing. Many are one-shots and short stories for the most part, and are the type of thing which are meant to help tie over readers when a writer’s not actually able to update their other stories of the same type.

Second, there is one story though I published recently which was my NaNoWriMo project for this year, which tends to be one of the major offline things which gets in the way of me updating, but is also very important to me. Cancer is a piece I’m working on which is clearly marked as containing this pairing. One of the major differences between the five they listed and Cancer is you know you’re going to get a happy ending when you read the summaries of the other stories, but for Cancer you know there is a chance there may not be a happy ending for the couple. Said reader though isn’t willing to give the story a chance to find out though.

Third, if they actually bothered to read the stories I’ve written which aren’t marked for the pairing they would know a lot of my stories feature the pairing due to the fact I like the dynamics said pairing adds to the stories I write. I’m actually a genfic writer, not a shipfic writer. That means ships will take a back seat to writing out the plot for a given story, and if the plot doesn’t allow said pairing to occur, it doesn’t happen.

This doesn’t though mean said pairings don’t occur in these stories, and one of the things which really bothers us genfic writers is that when a person knows that we favor a particular pairing they don’t try bothering to read the stuff where the pairing they’re looking for isn’t marked. Yes, in some cases the major events for said pairing isn’t going to happen until the third in a series, but a well written pairing isn’t rushed, and a writer takes their time getting to the good parts. And in some cases, like with Christmas Nightmare, we have a story where the pairing is there in the first story, but the reader’s got to be patient enough to allow the pairing to show through. Other readers would also love to see these stories updates to, and yet this one reader wants favoritism.

Truth be told it’s like watching Bleach, and waiting for the episodes for Toshiro and Karin to show up, rather then fast forwarding to the episodes in question.

Can you please finish some of your other stories before you start another.

This is how the review started, and this is honestly how the writer of said review should have left things. I can honestly agree that it would be nice for me to finish some of the stories I already got going before I start another. That though brings into question how many, which ones, which readers do I favor over others – and also brings up the issue of how my mind unfortunately works when I write. It comes down to this.

I’d love to promise not to start anymore stories before finishing some of my older ones, but that’s just not possible. I’ve tried, and the end results was my mind going off at such a speed I can’t focus on the stories I need to finish. Thus the one-shots, and short stories are supposed to help, as well as my NaNoWriMo and other writing exercises. These provide a limiter on the stories I can start at a given time.

And before you say, “but it can’t be that hard“, I once made a list of all the story ideas I had once, and I had over two-hundred in my list, and this was back when I still had around a hundred stories published already.

In this particular case the reader crossed the line.

  1. Don’t ever act like the writer whose not updating like you want is wronging you. You the reader don’t know what’s going on. Take for example one of my favorite stories, Shinigami Kids Society by Lucanite. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever see an update from her, ever. In this particular case I know the writer has health issues, because she posted about it sometime between when I first discovered this lovely series, and when she made the latest update to her profile on January 13, 2011. She was so sick, she couldn’t update like she wanted. One of the stories I created since I last updated these stories, the exception being possibly one update for Red and White, is the Finding Friendship story, which is a series inspired by her work, and dedicated to her specifically. This series is actually going to feature the pairing in question, but the really good stuff’s not going to start until part three because that’s how the story worked out, and I really want this one to be good because she’s the one who inspired me to write Finding Friendship. This had been bumping around in my head for four years at least, before I got it to a point I was ready to start.
  2. Don’t review a story that has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. By this I mean a story which isn’t one of the ones in question. Posting it to a one-shot says you don’t respect the writer’s need to take a break to write a one-shot piece. (I mean, come on, it’s a one-shot, which is supposed to be a stand alone piece, and not continued.) Posting it to a story from another fandom says you don’t respect the writer’s right to write for other fandoms. Posting it in general to other stories, well, it just doesn’t respect the writer’s right to write things for that fandom outside of what you personally want. And posting it on a story they just updated? How about using a PM instead? If you don’t have an account, well, my anonymous reviews are screened. I’ve got to read all of them unless I get really sick, and rarely if ever miss them, so you don’t have to post to the story that’s just been updated. That’s just, well, rather childish.
  3. Leave your fixes out of it. Mind you, there are writers out there who do write for a particular fix because they know it will get them more reviews, reads, favorites, what ever. The serious writers though take pride in their craft, and care more about telling a good story, so if you let on that you like their stories because they feed your latest fix, you’ve actually slapped them in the face. Translation: “I care about my fix, not your actual story. Give me my fix NOW!”

In fact, I need add this note on fixes. If you’re reading for the fix, I’ve a hard time considering you a real fan of whatever your latest fix is.


I get reading everything for a particular fix. I do that for stories where Isshin is Toshiro’s former taicho, or Gin and Ran are his biological parents. I don’t though let that get in the way of discerning which of these stories are better written, or appreciating what the writer brings to the table. One writer I’ve mentored for example, forever122, wrote a ton of a adorable stories where Gin and Ran were Toshiro’s parents, but the fact they’re a young writer shows through. Last year though they wrote Wish, and this particular story jumps in quality compared to their other stories. That’s the kind of stuff writer’s want to hear about, which brings me tot he forth issue.

  1. Don’t act like the writer owes you something.
  2. Don’t post reviews to unrelated stories.
  3. Keep your fix out of it.
  4. Don’t bash the writer’s other works. Seriously, telling them you don’t like their other works, or that you won’t give them a try, how are you to tell the writer how they’ve improved? The signs of improvement are less likely to show through on an older story compared to a new or rewritten one.
  5. Keep in mind there are readers for the writers other stories. I’m one of the main writers for the stories where Isshin is Toshiro’s former taicho, or even Ran and Gin their biological parents. Most of them are mine.

Last, don’t tell me to “let you know in an update of your next story”. If this is really that important to you, then you create an account and PM me. Take also into consideration how long this reply was.

P.S. I took time out to write this reply from what I was doing. I was working on a project I wanted to finish, so I could then get back to updating older stories. Now I’ve got to get refocused on that.


Broken Trot (6-27-2014)

cerise:I hated that you made it about Bailey and Sarah you should have made it about Will and Sarah

The reader has no right to dictate what pairings the writer uses and acting like they do crosses a reviewing etiquette on the reviewers part. This isn’t the same thing mind you as a review chewing out the writer for not giving any warning about certain “kinds” of pairings, like slash, incest, non-consensual, you name it. With the new character system that allows the reader to tag the characters in a pairing writers are having to use less warnings as well these days and some become redundant.

In this particular case the most popular pairing in the Horseland fandom is Will/Sarah. There are sixty-three stories for this particular fandom. Fourteen of these stories can be found by putting in Will and Sarah into the character search. This means that around one-fifth of the stories are about this particular pairing. On top of this eleven of the stories in the Horseland fandom are mine. Take them away and the percentage of Will/Sarah becomes even bigger and amounts to one-forth of the stories.

How is this fair to the other people in the fandom? Not everybody else wants to read Will/Sarah. I don’t mind reading it despite it being my preferred pairing, but I’ve also found it to be getting old. Not to mention the fact there is an… issue… with this particular pairing. Most of the writers don’t realize that there is likely a three year age gap between the two characters. Then again  I have to wonder if any of them realize that this three year age gap has legal ramifications and that the two really can’t date until Sarah turns eighteen. I don’t point this out because many of the kids who write this pairing are rather young and don’t understand the ramifications.

The main point is that I’m not going to write Will/Sarah just because someone tells me I’m wrong for liking and writing the ship I do. I thought about writing an AU… but you know what. At this point the AU is going to be a one-shot where Will turns Sarah down. And that is sure to go over well.

This also said… I’m seriously thinking about doing a Fanworks for this particular series… minus the M rated stuff. It might help some of the younger writers out. Unfortunatly… some of the writers for Fanworks that I’ve created… they’re stuff is M rated for a reason. So I might do something seperate for their stories. It’s a pain though keeping track of the two. I’ll need to think about it.



Lost Child (11-19-2013)

Omg, don’t make Ran Aizen’s slave, please! Don’t make her have his kid! Omg, omg, omg, Gin, find her and save her, quickly! Or Issin-san!
I’d love to see Rangiku hugging Toshiro like that, comforting him, making him feel safe and loved. I’m sure she’s going to be an awesome mom. Shiba can take Momo. I don’t care about her at all. But Shiro’s place is with his mommy and daddy

It is still up in the air exactly what Aizen is going to do to Rangiku. Gin will not be finding her fast as Aizen is not someone he can simply move against in a quick manner. It’s why it took him so long in the original canon. Because of this Toshiro won’t be able to be with his mother and father. Sorry to disapoint.



There is a type of fic certain people call “adaptions”. Adaptions are where a writer takes a story from one fandom. They strip the stories characters away and replace them with characters from another fandom.

This is not writing.

No, seriously… this is not writing. Taking another person’s story and typing it up either word for word or even paraphrasing it doesn’t take much effort. What effort that goes into transcribing another persons story is nothing compared to the work it takes to come up with your own story. Replacing the characters with other characters also takes little effort.

It’s cheating.

Yes, other people do it and you can find these stories online because nobody has bothered to report them and the site admins take a long time to take care of the works reported to them. People also cheat on tests and get away with it. People get away with putting graffiti on the sides of buildings. People getting away with things doesn’t make it right nor is it a defense for doing the wrong thing. In fact, it makes doing it even worse.


Why do people do it? It is typically for one or more of the following reasons.

  1. They don’t have confidence in their own writing.
  2. They want more reviews.
  3. They see other people doing it.

What if a person is inspired by something?

It is actually possible to write a story that is inspired by various tales without plagiarizing the actual storyline. You have to go and make it your own and you have to understand how to write this particular story. The idea isn’t to adapt the material. The idea is to create something new. An example is Cinderella. While each of the adaptions of the material shares minor traits each of the adaptions is its own unique version.

When a writer creates a Cinderella story it will have the following traits.

  1. The main characters mother dies.
  2. Her father remarries and she gets a stepmother.
  3. Her stepmother and stepsisters treat her like a slave.
  4. Her fairy godmother helps her get to the ball.
  5. The prince finds her shoe and thus finds her.

Let’s say though a writer were to create a story where Cinderella has the ability to talk to animals and she makes clothes for the mice. She has a beautiful singing voice and lives in the attic. She is told she can not go to the ball because she has no dress and her mother’s old dress is not good enough as it is out of style. The mice steal various items and make her an outfit. However, when she went down stairs she found her dress being ripped apart by her step sister. She stays there and cries while her step siblings take off. Her fairy god mother shows up and makes her a beautiful dress with glass slippers.

These traits are distinct to Disney’s Cinderella and are part of what makes it unique.

Why do you bring this up?

I talked to someone about this and I thought I had convinced them that they needed to make the story their own. They talked to someone else who linked them to stories that slap canon characters in the place of other canon characters and admitted that the subject is controversial. They then blocked me. To me this is sadly an admittance of guilt. Believe me, I’ve seen the site admins remove these stories in the past when I have reported them and the admins have been doing their job well when it has come to reports.