PM – Their PMs are Off

Sometimes a critique will lead to a writer deleting everything they’ve written. This is the response I got today from a writer who just deleted everything.

Hey, man, I get it. Ok? But lemme tell you something. I wrote this when I was 12. And for that time it was something I was really proud of. I was teasing with the idea of deleting all these things, the stories, the account, but every now and again I’d get a nice review and would want to keep the profile open for others. But YOU are the asshole who ends this. And you know what? How fucking pathetic is it that this is how you fill your time?

Lemme tell you something, I have no sympathy for this one, nor do I think they get it.

I wrote this when I was 12.

Let’s start off with the fact they’ve admitted to writing the story when they were only twelve. Okay, but that typically means they likely posted it when they were twelve. On rare occasions someone who is old enough will post something they wrote when they were twelve, but it’s not often. In other words, this writer just admitted to me they created an account over on the pit before the required age to create said account. They weren’t even supposed to be posting stories.

And for that time it was something I was really proud of.

This just confirms my belief that they were actually twelve at the time of posting the story. Normally I’d say the “really proud of” part is something to be lauded, because that is important, but again, they should not have been posting in the first place. There is a reason why sites say you must be thirteen at least before posting, and one of them comes from the fact those under the age of thirteen aren’t going to have good judgement as to what is good or not.

In fact, I just got into a conversation with three of the preteens I work with. The older of the three pointed out that Twilight was “bad writing”, shocking the other two girls, but it was really hard to explain why Twilight was “bad writing” to the two younger ones. The first – she’s well read, unusually so for someone her age, but the other two are not, but one of them doesn’t read at all and only has seen the movies. I’m going to have to clarify to one of them later that it’s okay to like “bad writing”, as I realize after the fact I didn’t clarify that.

However, this is a stage where merely attempting something is highly praised, where as at thirteen one is moving into “perfecting” whatever they are doing.

I was teasing with the idea of deleting all these things, the stories, the account, but every now and again I’d get a nice review and would want to keep the profile open for others.

Were they really keeping their profile open for others? I doubt it. No, see, they talked specifically about the “nice review” there, meaning they were keeping it open for the “nice reviews”. Try to paint it however one wants, that’s the real reason. Oh, yes, these writers pretend its for other people, but it’s really for them. No, seriously. What they really care about is the “good feeling” they get from the nice reviews, but the site rules clearly says not all reviews will strictly praise the work, yet it defeats the point of the review system.

But YOU are the asshole who ends this.

No, you’re the one ending this. You’re the one who decided to throw a tantrum and delete all of your stories just because you got one negative review. I suspect this is the writer’s first, so they honestly believe that the only point behind the system is to get positive reviews.

However, I do have another theory as to why this all ended. See, I think their parent caught them because they threw a tantrum over the “mean review”, and their parent made the decision for them to delete everything, but also turn off PMs, because they didn’t have permission to be on the site in the first place. Before they deleted the fic though, they threw a PM my way because they were pissed off that I – in their opinion – led them to getting in trouble and having their fun ruined.

Well guess what. Those who are anti-critique ruin everyone else’s fun, but you shouldn’t have an account if you’re not yet thirteen, but even if you are, you shouldn’t have one WITHOUT your parents permission. No, seriously, if you’re writing fanfic and doing fandom stuff without your parents knowing, stop, unless you’ve got a parent who’s anti against anything you write and thinks even writing original fiction is a waste of time, and you’ve got this dream of being a writer they feel is a waste of time. The latter – that’s a bit of a different situation.

And you know what? How fucking pathetic is it that this is how you fill your time?

Actually, what’s pathetic are these writers who don’t want to spend their time working on their fanfic stories, then get mad when someone who does spend their time calls them out for bad writing, but the fact they didn’t spend any time on what they wrote.

I also don’t consider my critique a waste of time, because contrary to what the anti-critique people say, most people actually want the honest critique, but the anti-critique people have unfortunately made a certain subset of  fandom feel guilty for saying anything negative, whether it be critique or opinion. And that’s wrong.


Popularity Game

via Daily Prompt: Popular

In fandom we have this popularity game which equates to anti-critique. There are certain writers who only care about how popular their stories are, but also the number of reviews they get, but they’re not willing to put any effort in to what they write. These are the writers I like dealing with the least, because they’re super entitled and honestly writing for the wrong reasons. The love of writing just isn’t there.

Nobody is obligated to spare your feelings, but being anti-critique means you become known for something other than what you want to be known for. It’s not worth it.


Moon Princess (Voltron Legendary Defender)

I’ve got an anonymous reviewer whose reviews make me face palm today.

Hey you should refer to Keith as the Black paladin

Why? Why should I?

Look, I get the fact certain parts of fandom want Keith to be now referred to as the black paladin because he is now piloting the black lion. However, he is still wearing the red paladin armor, but not once during season three does anybody refer to Keith as the black paladin. Lance is not referred to as the red paladin, and Allura is not referred to as the blue paladin. Instead, they are referred to as the paladin of the [color] lion or the paladin who pilots the [color] lion.

So no, I’m not going to call Keith the black paladin, as he’s still wearing the red armor, but even in the old fandom he was referred to as “red” despite piloting the black lion.

Oh, and I get the fact people want the paladins uniforms to “match” their lions, but that’s just being persnickety, and not in a good way. Sure, we never got a reason why they didn’t match in the old series, but we did get a reason why they don’t match in the new series, but to switch they would need a good reason, but I think they still think of Shiro as the black paladin, just as Sven/Shiro never stopped being the black pilot. Didn’t matter he didn’t pilot the black lion in the original, he was the black pilot.

And Kira means ‘Lady’ in greek

What does that have to do with my story? No, seriously. It’s not my fault you’re not paying attention to the fact her name is Kyra, but a character who’s original language is Japanese thinks her name is Kira. It’s also not my fault you’re not double checking your information when you look up the name.

According to Think Baby Names, the name actually means Lord in Greek, though it could be a short form of Kyria, which doesn’t mean lady but is “the Greek title of respect for woman. Slavonic is “strong woman”, Russian is “beloved”. According to She Knows it means light in Latin and America, but enthroned in Greek. According to Oh Baby Names, Kyra means “lady” in Greek, but is also possibly derived from Ciara/Ciaran, which is the IRish Gaelic name for “little dark one”, but clarifies that by “lady”, it means the feminine version of “lord”, not “woman”.

However, this is for the name Kyra, not the name Kira. Oh Baby Names points to the same meaning, but in Japan it means “glittery, shining”. According to She Knows, the name means “light” for Latin, Russia and America. According to Think Baby NAmes, it means “lord” in Greek. But I’m talking about the Japanese meaning, but more importantly the real importance in her name comes from the name Akira, which is Keith’s middle name in the English version, his name in GoLions and for my fic, it’s Keith’s actual name.


Vizards are Annoying

I got the following review today from an anon who calls themselves FrostHunter.

Toshiro has to deal with so much having personality of child isn’t going to win him any respect.

The problem is, I’m not sure what the writer means. From my experience, they can mean one of two things.

On one side, they could be referring to the fact Toshiro does have a childish personality because he is a child genius still, but that it really doesn’t win him points with people. On the other, they could be yet another person who refuses to acknowledge that Toshiro isn’t an adult, but a child genius, and is trying to rag on my for making him childish because they believe any bit of childish would ruin his credibility despite the fact a certain current taicho is very childish in his demenor.

I prefer to think it’s the first, so I’m letting it through.


Tattoo in the Sky

I got this from an anon today.

Hey, have you read this thing: fanlore{period}org{slash}wiki{slash}An_Open_Letter_to_Fanfic_Readers

Just thought you might get a kick out of this, especially if someone you critique tries to tell you to follow these “rules” from now on when review. LMAO

I’m actually quite aware of An Open Letter to Fanfic Readers, and think the writer of said letter has a major ego problem, but the same goes for anybody who agrees with said “rules” the writer put down. Said writer gives writing advice, but most isn’t good advice FYI. Pretty much it comes down to “negative reviews are mean”, and “ask permission to review”.

Sadly, I have had a person I left critique on who sadly subscribed to the idea that reviewers have to ask permission, and that the writer’s “fun” trumps that of the reader leaving their honest opinion, that they weren’t accepting critique from writers.

The funny thing is, this is the same person who decided to make Keith from Voltron a nurse in their fanfic, and when I asked for them to go into why, they blew it off as “inconsequential”, but fitting his character when it didn’t. I mean, he dropped out of the garrison, but struggles with the lingo Pidge and Hunk used in season one. No, it’s part of the symptom that I didn’t realize of stripping Keith down to his feminine traits for a certain pairing.

Which, I do have him doing some things which are feminine in nature myself, I think. I mean, having a mental break down is considered a feminine trait which is “unmasculine” or “weak”, but I’m of the opinion real men cry. It’s also silly little quirks that tie into my autism head canon.



Sister Avatar

I got this review today. It wasn’t from an anon, but someone who has PMs disabled.

id just like to ask if u can PLEASE put Iana and zuko together, i love the idea of OC’s with zuko and i just hate any other pairing with him 🙂

The answer is no. For starters, I’m a Zuko/Katara shipper, and I started that fic with that in mind.

The second reason though comes to the hating of any other pairing except an OC pairing for a character. For me, this sends up warning bells regarding the reader. I’ve found a lot of people who prefer an OC pairing with any given canon character typically do so because they like the self-insertion more than anything, and there is no real justification for their dislike of their pairings between canon characters.

I mean, I get it when the fandom doesn’t actually have many options of whom to pair up with a canon character, like if you only had one male or female and the rest of the characters are the opposite sex, and you’re either not really into the slash thing, or are very particular with your pairing choices. This though, it isn’t one of those times. AtLA has a ton of male and female characters.


Misfit of Darkness

A reviewer honestly made my day today. Here is the anonymous review they left on my story.

Because I have nothing better to do, over the next three or four days I’ll be going over this story with a fine toothed comb to find small gramatical and punctuation mistakes and I’ll put them each in a review per chapter.

I still enjoy the story as a whole.

I may not be going back to fix the grammatical mistakes in the story, as I’ve got a ton of work – over three-hundred pieces, but I like the idea of having a little something which shows I’m not perfect. However, I absolutely adore someone who would take the time to do this. I actually do learn something, but think other writers can learn from these kinds of reviews. Not that people typically pay attention to such reviews.