Daily Prompt: Chaotic

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Here is my first response to the daily prompts here on WordPress. Since I am a fanfic writer, I intend on tying the word into fanfiction somehow, whether it be to write a short story, or an essay.

In this particular case, the word chaotic reminds me of the whole writing process. One of the excuses I’ve seen people make in regards to my critique is to complain that I take fanfic writing to seriously, but when someone does this, what they say makes me think they really don’t understand the writing process at all, let alone how much work I and others put into their stories. The process, like any writing process, is utterly chaotic, and this chaos makes writing hard.

However, those who complain about me taking fanfic to seriously, I’ve found they don’t take fanfic writing seriously at all. They don’t care about putting an effort in, let alone the hard work. Yet, despite this, they still expect to get positive reviews only, as if the readers are obligated to do so. Suddenly, things become all about them, which in itself is chaotic. I’ve had a tween tell me that most of the writers in fandom were tweens, despite the fact there isn’t any site I can think of out there for writing that allows tweens to have an account. The one I can think of – Quizella – is now gone.

Why should this self-centered idea that an exception should be made regarding critique simply because the writer doesn’t want to take things seriously be respected? The very fact they’re not willing to take things seriously, how is that respectful to the majority who do take things seriously? If they’re not serious about fanfic, why are they even writing it? Why should those who are serious leave, just so those who are not can party?

The answer is no, we should not have to respect thoughts and behaviors which show a lack of respect for others, nor should the fact we don’t respect this be deemed disrespectful. Respect is a two-way street, but is also something one earns. There is also a major difference between respecting the fact people have different opinions, and not putting up with acts of disrespect. Respect means showing courteous behavior, but disrespect means not doing so. Those who feel their disrespect should be respected mean people should let their behavior slide without reprimand, because reprimand is disrespectful in their minds, but in reality, a reprimand is in no way discourteous.

Oh, and the work of those who don’t take fanfic seriously – in all honestly the stuff the produce is almost always chaotic in nature, reflecting their chaotic attitudes. Real writers take what they write seriously.